Johanne Cullen
Le Nid (The Nest)   H 46in x W 58in Oil On Canvas

Douglas Kirkland
Moulin Rouge 2000   H 16in x W 20in Archival Pigment Print

Hunt Slonem
Finches   H 30in x W 40in Oil On Canvas

James Andrew Smith
Prodigal of Blue   H 29in x W 44in Oil On Panel

Kevin Box
Conversation Peace (Maquette)   H 13in x W 7in x D 7in Cast Stainless Steel

Eduardo Monteagudo
Blink   H 17in x W 20in Acrylic On Canvas

Pam Folsom
Washington Park Series (Tryptich)   H 24in x W 60in Oil On Canvas

Yana Movchan
Still Life with Two Guardians   H 36in x W 48in Oil On Linen

The Hilton Brothers - Makos/Solberg
Copacabana (2011) (4/5)   H 48in x W 36in Digital Pigment Print

Lamar Briggs
Coco And Blue Moon (Diptych)   H 66in x W 76in Mixed Media on Canvas

John Michael Carter
Evening Light (Sorrento, Italy)   H 30in x W 36in Oil On Canvas

Adam J. Hayward
Southern Light   H 36in x W 60in Oil On Canvas

Carlos Gamez de Francisco
Three Teddy Bears, Sons of a Dutch Priest II   H 24in x W 18in Oil On Canvas

Karen Hollingsworth
Common Objects   H 41in x W 36in Oil On Canvas

Randy Ford
Morning Reviled   H 24in x W 34in Oil On Panel

Daniel E. Greene, N.A.
Break The Ice   H 40in x W 40in Oil On Panel

Matthew C. Metzger
A Landscape Becoming A Revolutionary Act   H 61in x W 52in Oil On Canvas

Eduardo Monteagudo
Cincinnati Sunset from Bellevue   H 9in x W 12in Acrylic On Paper

John Whipple
MISFITS--Chain Smoker   H 16in x W 16in Oil on Parquet Salvage

Graceann Warn
Comet   H 31in x W 41in Encaustic & Mixed Media

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