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Tyler Shields Book Signing & Exhibition
ON VIEW DECEMBER 14, 2016 – JANUARY 14, 2017

This December, Miller Gallery is excited to bring Tyler Shields back to Cincinnati to simultaneously celebrate the release of his new book and kick off a solo exhibition. Shields’ new book titled Provocateur encompasses a historical anthology of his most iconic, controversial and important work. The gallery is honored to announce that it has been chosen to host the inaugural book signing, with Tyler, on the book’s release date. In celebration of Provocateur, Miller Gallery will be curating an exhibition of never-before-shown work that will be featured in the book. The exhibition will run from December 14th to January 14th. An opening reception and book signing will be held on December 14th from 6pm-8pm.

Shields is no stranger to Cincinnati, having photographed the Cincinnati Ballet in Music Hall for a series he shot in 2014. The acclaimed celebrity photographer and filmmaker plans to focus on furthering his Cincinnati portfolio while he is here in December, with several photo shoots already in the works.

Tyler Shields (American, b.1982) is a photographer, film director, and writer, best known for his images of Hollywood celebrities. Born in Jacksonville, FL, he has become recognized as Hollywood’s favorite photographer. Shields earned the name “Bad Boy of Photography” because of his his controversial bloodstained photographic series featuring Lindsay Lohan. Throughout the years his themes have evolved to imagery depicting Francesca Eastwood lighting a $100,000 Hermes Birkin Bag on fire, to various unconventional narratives shot with celebrities such as Mischa Barton, Emma Roberts, Aaron Paul, Demi Lovato, Juno Temple, Shiloh Fernandez and more. He has produced images that play with notions of the gaze, power structures, hyper-realism, iconoclastic-tendencies and cinematographic practice.

Shields’ technical brilliance as a photographer has more to do with the shift in focus from the fragility of the “celebrity photographer” to the output of the contemporary art medium. Most of the talented people who work with him include actors who are serious about their profession, but are not celebrities. People will go to him to make art rather than celebrity photography.

Recent exhibitions include; Decadence at Imitate Modern in 2016, Decadence at Maddox Gallery 2016, Historical Fiction at Andrew Weiss Gallery in 2015, Provocateur at Imitate Modern in 2014, Indulgence at Imitate Modern in 2014, among others. He has recently been featured in publications including Vanity Fair, People, GQ, Professional Photographer, Elle and Huffington Post.

“To expose yourself to the world, you and your work, naked to the global theater of billions of views, clicks, hits, image searches, etc. is a remarkable statement within itself – to say – this is me and who I am, is powerful.”

–Tyler Shields


TYLER SHIELDS, Ice cream High heel, Digital Chromogenic Print, 60″ x 48.75″


TYLER SHIELDS, Digital Chromogenic Print, Master & Slave – 60″ x 45″