Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields was born in 1982 in Jacksonville, Florida. Now based in L.A. as a contemporary artist and filmmaker, Shields is frequently recognized as “Hollywood’s favorite photographer”. This comes at no surprise, his subject matter often includes an impressive roster of Hollywood icons, including Mischa Barton, Emma Roberts, Aaron Paul, Demi Lovato, Juno Temple, Shiloh Fernandez, Lindsay Lohan, and more.

As an American image-maker, Shield’s work began with a unique history of directly music videos and working with legendary skateboarding icon, Tony Hawk. He’s been a “bad boy of photography” with his bloodstained photographic series with Lindsay Lohan, to a poet with his color-explosive Chromatic series, and a filmmaker from his filmmaking work with Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Francesca Eastwood.

Aside from his fame in Hollywood, Shield’s photographic brilliance is more defined by his shift from the fragility of the “celebrity photographer” to the creation of the contemporary art medium. His work is a dark romance and could more accurately be described as image-making in the vein of Caravaggio’s near photographic paintings of the 16th century, where controversially, rules and guidelines for the century where put aside. His subjects will go to him to make art, rather than celebrity photography.

Shield’s subjects are most often actors that are serious about their profession, but are not celebrities. They often emulate themes such as eroticism, torture, decadence, gaze, power structures, hyperrealism, iconoclastic-tendencies, and cinematographic practice. His work is about working with colleagues and building relationships in a social sphere of people who have an obsession to create, to make, to expose, and to play.

Shield’s has recently published his first novel, Smartest Man (2011) and a photography book, The Dirty Side of Glamour (2011) and has presented his art in London, Sydney, Paris, Moscow, New York, and more. Including his cluster of solo shows: Mouthful, Los Angeles (2012), Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH (2012), Phothub Manomtr, Moscow, Russia (2012). His work is found in important collections and very well known amongst anyone of the film and art world.