Punk Me Tender

ON VIEW: May 17, 2018 – June 16, 2018

  Anonymous French artist Punk Me Tender is known for his very graphic, raw form of art. Offering a new perspective on the female body, Punk Me Tender’s works heavily celebrate desire, which he believes is the single leading driver in everyone’s soul. He is very much inspired by women, fashion and style, and much of his photography has themes of sensuality and wanting. 

His mixed media pieces utilize black and white photography, bright splashes of pinks and blues, and incorporate real exotic butterflies. Rather than plot out an artistic strategy, the artists acts purely on instinct and prefers to make his own rules. His identity is kept secret in order to maintain freedom and express himself as he desires. When interviewed, he uses a surrogate, such as a model, to speak for him. 

Punk Me Tender is currently based out of Los Angeles, CA.