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ON VIEW MAY 25, 2016 – JUNE 25, 2016

Pang Jen is known for his array of soft bright colors arranged in a unique perspective that lends toward minimalism and abstraction. His motifs, often romantic, consist of woman and child, the Caribbean coast, still life and traditional Chinese boats.

The exhibition is strategically composed of new work from Pang Jen as well as a few valued selections from his earlier work. Together they embody the portfolio of a Chinese native whose technique is influenced by his time in British occupied Hong Kong, Europe and America. New work from Pang Jen comes from his current residence in McKinney, Texas. The oil paintings personify the same celebration of everyday scenes, rendered in an almost pastel color pallet. Pang Jen communicates through his artwork a comfortable feeling of lounging in the sun, viewing the coast from above, or sitting by the water. The compositions are grounded by color with simple outlines similar to Asian brushstrokes of ink and watercolor. Depth is created with lines and shapes that mimic familiar objects as the viewer’s eyes move throughout the painting.


Pang Jen (Pong Zhen) was born in Li-yang Kiang-su, China. He studied at the Soo-Chow Academy where he was instructed in the classical technique of oil painting. He later studied in the studio of Yee-Bon in Hong Kong. From 1958-1962 he was an active committee member in the Hong Kong Art Club, as an instructor and jury member. In 1962, Pang Jen represented Hong Kong at the Commonwealth Art Today at the Commonwealth Institute, in London England. In 1964 he traveled to Paris to study with Jean de Botton. During this time, he traveled throughout Europe. His first solo exhibition was in the U.S. Cultural Center in Hong Kong, sponsored by the U.S. State Department. His artistic talents enabled him to immigrate to the US in 1966.

Pang Jen has exhibited throughout the country including solo shows in Florida, Chicago, New York, Cincinnati and New Mexico, among others. International exhibitions include venues in London, Florence, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has been exhibiting with Miller Gallery for over 30 years. Pang enjoys painting every day and spending time with his wife, two sons and grandson.