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FOTOFOCUS 2016: Christy Lee Rogers

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Miller Gallery is excited to announce its participation in Fotofocus 2016 with gallery artist Christy Lee Rogers

About FotoFocus


FotoFocus presents the finest in photography and lens-based art that is artistically, intellectually, and academically rigorous and supports programs that are accessible, educational, and enriching to a diverse public.


Founded in 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio, FotoFocus is a non-profit organization created to celebrate and champion photography as the medium of our time through programming that ignites a dialogue between contemporary lens-based art and the history of photography. This programming includes the Lecture and Visiting Artist Series and FotoFocus Biennials. FotoFocus supports programs throughout the region and has awarded more than 85 grants to regional artists and institutions since 2012 for the production and presentation of photography and lens-based art.

Lecture and Visiting Artist Series

In 1996, FotoFocus founders launched the Lecture and Visiting Artist Series. Since its inception, more than 35 internationally-renowned photographers have visited Cincinnati including Doug Aitken, Gregory Crewdson, Thomas Demand, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, and Laurie Simmons. Every lecture is free and open to the public.

The FotoFocus Biennials

Launched in October 2012, the FotoFocus Biennial is a regional, month-long celebration of photography and lens-based art in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Biennial brings together the community to celebrate October as the Month of Photography.

Upcoming Biennial 2016 — Photography, the Undocument

October 1–31, 2016
Biennial Featured Programming, October 6–9, 2016

The FotoFocus Biennial will return in October 2016 with exciting new exhibitions, screenings, lectures, and performances by artists, curators, critics, and art world professionals, all focused on the theme: Photography, the Undocument. Participating venues throughout the region are invited to address the Undocument theme as they plan their upcoming exhibitions. The ArtHub will return and feature programs and events throughout the month-long celebration. #FotoFocus2016

Image courtesy of Miller Gallery & Christy Lee Rogers: CHRISTY LEE ROGERS, Wind Earth and Fire, Archival pigment print

New York Post: Brooklyn’s wildest artist tames parrots, collects harps and talks to Abe Lincoln’s ghost

Hunt Slonem has ridden camels in the Middle East, grown orchids in Nicaragua, and bought an entire armory in Scranton, Pa.

He’s explored palaces in India, visited bird sanctuaries in the Philippines, and shown his exuberant, neo-expressionist paintings everywhere from NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art to galleries in St. Petersburg, Russia, and even the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minn. Yet until a couple years ago, the roving artist — who’s called New York home for more than 40 years — had barely set foot in Brooklyn. Read more…

Space: Hunt Slonem- All Things Bright and Beautiful

Space SBH is excited to present Hunt Slonem for his first solo show in St Barth. Widely recognized as one of the major artists of contemporary neo-expressionism and renowned internationally for his various animal series – this exhibition combines an overview of his whole oeuvre. As described by the curator of the MoMA, New York, his paintings are considered an important exploration of post-cubist abstraction.

Bringing a freewheeling sense of awe, wonder and detail to his wild array of paintings, NYC based artist and lifestyle trendsetter Hunt Slonem is considered one of the great colorists of his time. Slonem developed his own signature style with his, now iconic, paintings of birds, toucans and butterflies – a lasting impression from his travels which led to the creation of the colorful works that oscillate between the realms of fantasy and nature. Read More…

Maddox Gallery: Decadence – Tyler Shields

Maddox Gallery is pleased to present Decadence, the provocative new exhibition from ‘Hollywood’s favorite photographer’ Tyler Shields, opening at the recently launched Mayfair gallery in February 2016.

In a subversive nod to his infamous work with Hollywood’s hippest, Decadence is set in the court of Marie Antoinette. The coolest names in indie stardom luxuriate in the pomp and splendour of the rooms of Versailles, a tongue-in-cheek collaboration between the iconic visual artist and America’s freshest talent.

A cast of young Hollywood actors and models take centre stage in this sumptuous new body of work, with Shields in playful form as he invites his new muses to recreate the decadence and self-indulgence at the heart of Marie Antoinette’s Versailles. Courtiers include Ana Mulvoy-Ten, Holland Roden, Isabelle Fuhrman, Lydia Hearst, Jaime King, Tallulah Willis, Christa B Allen, Poppy Jamie, Emily Lind, Lili Peper, Shoshana Bush, Spencer Locke, Mani Yarosh, Faith Picozzi, Logan Huffman, Connor Paolo, Madison Paige, Courtney Halverston, Natalie Lind and Filip Milenkovic. Read More…