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Cincinnati, OH: The Miller Gallery in Hyde Park will open open two unique solo shows featuring artists Jonathan Queen and Matthew Metzger on Tuesday, January 5th, on view until Saturday, February 6th. This reopening show features the twelve carousel studies by Jonathan Queen, along with four new oil paintings. In Addition, the gallery is presenting a solo show, featuring 10 new paintings by Matthew Metzger. This is an exciting time for Miller Gallery, as we are reopening after extensive renovations to the gallery space.


Jonathan Queen
Queen’s meticulously rendered still life paintings have a heightened sense of realism.  He works from direct observation, developing intriguing, enigmatic compositions that are based on personal narratives. His inspiration includes vintage toys and figurines, common objects, as well as elements of nature such as flower bulbs, branches, vegetables, shells, and fish. The artist experiments extensively in arranging his compositions, carefully controlling the light quality to create the desired mood. While a work is in progress, Queen will labor over subtle adjustments and fine detail.

Queen was chosen to paint the illustrations on the carousel in the Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati. In the Spring of 2015, the carousel opened, featuring Queen’s work and making him a household name in the local art scene. Included in this exhibition are 12 studies of the 16 preliminary studies used for the project. These paintings depict whimsical characters set in different Cincinnati park landmarks. In addition to the studies, the artist will be showing four new oil paintings. This new work includes detailed still life paintings in his distinct style with a focus on light and unique character subjects.


Matthew Metzger
Matthew Metzger is a painter, designer and furniture maker. Metzger mixes his own paints using natural materials such as limestone, marble, slate, iron, titanium, clays and minerals combined with oils and egg tempura, transforming them into sensorial, abstract images of light, atmosphere and landscape. This combination of natural materials with the ethereality of a soft atmosphere presents a tension between materiality and illusion.

In his new work Metzger continues to explore other tensions and opposites that have marked his past work, such as movement and stillness, presence and the void, and transience and permanence. These compositions embrace romanticism in conjunction with traditions of American color field painting and Chinese landscape painting. Working on both linen and canvas, the soft, neutral colors create serene atmospheric paintings with a sense of abstraction.


Gallery Renovations

August 2015 marked the beginning of the extensive renovations to the interior and exterior of the gallery. Changes have been made to the walls, floors, and lighting to best exhibit the art in the exhibition space. These changes have resulted in a more open, minimalistic and modern look to the gallery. The new space also includes a framing consultation room and a full catering kitchen.