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On view from September 15 – October 22

Christy Lee Rogers

In Conjunction with FotoFocus Biennial

Cincinnati, OH – This September artist CHRISTY LEE ROGERS takes us underwater for the worldwide launch of her latest series A Quarter of a Million Miles in conjunction with FOTOFOCUS. Miller Gallery will be exhibiting Rogers’ solo show, running September 15th through October 22nd. An opening reception will take place from 6pm-8pm on Thursday, September 15th. The artist will be in attendance.

CHRISTY LEE ROGERS, Wind, Earth and Fire, Archival Pigment Print, 58" x 80"

CHRISTY LEE ROGERS, Wind, Earth and Fire, Archival Pigment Print, 58″ x 80″

Internationally known for her timeless and emotionally stirring images, Rogers employs her most cherished muse, water, to create bold and provoking new visual environments. With her work often compared to painting masters like Caravaggio, Delacroix and Rubens, Rogers shares a deep respect for the ideals of these artists, including a great importance for movement, drama, light and shadow and the sense of something greater than oneself.


CHRISTY LEE ROGERS Island of Serenity, Archival Pigment Print, 36″ x 45″

The series is inspired by space and the higher concept of nothingness and of the formless, which Rogers describes as “a beautiful place to begin every new creation and every new day.” Through the power of the formless, every form is created. There is a spiritual essence that shines through each of her images, as though you were right there next to essence that shines through each of her images, as though you were right there next to the creator. This is the essence that has gained her International recognition, with images that stir the soul and speak of the beauty, yet vulnerability of the human condition.

Starting with the blank slate of a night pool, and with the use of tumbling bodies, colorful fabrics, ribbons, vibrant lighting and a touch of the unknown, Rogers molds her scenes into an other-worldly wonderland. And as a rule-breaker of conventional photography, Rogers consistently creates her work on an experimental basis, without the use of post-production methods, which over the years have developed into her own characteristic and unique visual style. She relies on the refraction of light and movement in different depths of water to create her effects – where light bends when it passes from a substance of one density into a substance of a different density, like air and water.

The title of the collection A Quarter of a Million Miles is inspired from her research on outer space; how insignificant “a quarter of a million miles” would be in terms of space distance, yet how huge that distance is for the human mind to comprehend. The vastness of our Universe and its unrevealed components are at the core of her concepts for the new work, as well as many new techniques she developed for creating lines and spaces within her images.


CHRISTY LEE ROGERS, The Conception of Light, Archival Pigment Print, 36″ x 54″

Christy Lee Rogers is a visual artist from Kailua, Hawaii. Her obsession with water as a medium for breaking the conventions of contemporary photography has led to her work being compared to Baroque painting masters like Caravaggio. Boisterous in color and complexity, Rogers applies her cunning technique to a barrage of bodies submerged in water during the night, and creates her effects naturally in-camera using the refraction of light. Through a fragile process of experimentation, she builds elaborate scenes of coalesced colors and entangled bodies that exalt the human character as one of vigor and warmth, while also capturing the beauty and vulnerability of the tragic experience that is the human condition.

Rogers’ works have been exhibited internationally and are held in private and public collections throughout the world. She has been featured in International Magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar Art China, Eyemazing, The Independent, Casa Vogue, Photo Technique and others. Rogers’ “Reckless Unbound” is currently housed at Longleat House in the UK; the stately home, which is the seat of the Marquess of Bath and also home to Renaissance gems of the Italian masters, like Titan’s “Rest on the Flight into Egypt.”

The FotoFocus Biennial is a regional, month-long celebration of photography and lens-based art held throughout Cincinnati and the surrounding region. Featuring over 60 participating museums, galleries, academic institutions, and community organizations, the 2016 Biennial will include original FotoFocus curated exhibitions and four days of events and programming, including screenings, lectures, and performances.